Climatech Engineering Ltd is distributor of Fläkt Woods, Spirotech, Jeven, Prihoda, HK Instruments and Advantix Systems for Bulgaria

     The company was established in 1995 and since then it has supplied and installed air climate and ventilation equipment for more than tens of projects in Bulgaria and Russia, among which industry plants, televisions, hotels, restaurants etc. (see the reference list).

Fläkt Woods is a leading global supplier of energy-efficient air solutions operating in both the air climate for buildings and air movement for the infrastructure and industry markets.

For Buildings, the Group provides energy-efficient indoor air climate products and solutions to supply people with clean, comfortable and fresh air in non-residential buildings.

For Infrastructure and Industry, the Group provides air movement products and services including fans for cooling systems, and also for increasing the efficiency, environmental performance and safe operation of equipment and processes.


Market leading position in core product categories and geographies

Top 3 Air Climate player in Europe with:

- №1 in Nordic / European countries
- №1 1 in Europe for AHU's and #2 for Air Diffusion Products

Leading position for Air Climate outside Europe with:

- №1 in US for energy recovery wheels and systems
- №1 in selected countries in Asia (Korea, Gulf...)

Top 3 Air Movement player worldwide with:

- №2 worldwide for Infrastructure Fans and
- №1 in France, India, Australia
- №1 worldwide for cement applications
- №1 in France, UK, India for light industry


Spirotech are the only real specialists in deaeration and dirt separation in the world. The life and the efficiency of a heating or cooling system is greatly dependant on the quality of the system water. Air and dirt problems cause frequent breakdowns and increase customer complaints. Corrosion, cavitation and wear amongst others are consequences of saturated air and dirty system water. Recurring problems and increased maintenance results in unnecessarily high costs and dissatisfied customers, maintenance people and inhabitants. Whether it concerns a one family house, a large office building, or even a complete airport, we are there to advise you about how to prevent air and dirt becoming the cause of unnecessary problems, costs and irritations.


System-Jeven Ventilation for Institutional and Commercial Kitchens. Incredible heat and numerous hot surfaces are characteristic for professional kitchens. Release of vapours, grease and other impurities demand efficient ventilation and grease removal. Hygiene requirements of all the equipment is very stringent. The space is usually limited and airflow must not cause draught or noise. Correct dimensioning of the ventilation system is required as it is important to ensure the right size and efficiency of equipment. In these conditions, properties are required from ventilation devices that only specialist manufacturers are able to offer. The equipment must be cleaning-friendly and it must be possible to select its dimensions in accordance with the space available.


Prihoda: Our product is known under various names, which are more or less correct. The most accurate name are "textile air distribution systems", "textile diffusers" or "fabric ducting". They also often use less accurate names as "fabric ducts", "textile ducts", "textile tubes", "air-conditioning sleeves", "airsleeves", "airsocks", "airsacks" and there may even be some others.

5 for textile air diffusers (textile ducts, fabric ducts, fabric ducting)

Economy: Cost saving compared to sheet metal system may reach as much as 70%! Take the price of conventional diffusers, transport, installation, setting of the proper air flow, and cost of cleaning into consideration! Economic comparison
Hygiene: Having been washed, possibly with disinfectant, the distribution system is absolutely clean and bacteria-free! Such assurance can never be given with non-textile materials.
Speed: Installation and disassembly only take a fraction of time compared to conventional, heavy systems!
Method: Layout of distribution openings is optional and so is their size. An inexhaustible number of air distribution methods can be achieved – beginning from draught-free diffusion up to targeted transfer over a long distance.
Aesthetics: Various colour and shape combinations may satisfy the needs of an architect and the product then becomes a tasteful part of the building interior!

5 for Prihoda s.r.o.

The best cost / quality ratio: Please, assess our quality and purchase prices for yourselves!
Prompt response: Our organisational system which is in line with ISO 9001 and is being continuously improved allows the quickest possible response to customers' inquiries and purchase orders.
Microperforation: Our original technology which gave a totally new quality to textile diffusers!
Strongest fabrics from endless fibres Our fabrics are the strongest on the market! They are woven of endless fibres only. (photos here)
Knowledge Accurate calculation of all dimensions, automatically generated drawing and speed-profile graph, exact specification of supplied goods! (here)!


HK Instruments was founded in 1987 in Finland, from where their products have been distributed around the world ever since. Today, exports count 80% of the turnover and the products are sold in more than 45 countries.
HK Instruments is highly specialized in developing technologically advanced measuring devices for HVAC applications. Their products are primarily used in air handling systems and building automation.
Thanks to the clear and practical user interfaces, installation of the devices is extremely easy and fast. Result being for the user, money saved.
Main product categories are:
 - Differential pressure transmitters
   (aka. Differential pressure sensors and transducers)
 - Differential pressure switches
 - Differential pressure gauges and manometers
 - Differential pressure meters for liquids
 - Gas detection sensors
Energy savings and better indoor climate conditions are reached through demand based control systems. With high accuracy, the devices, such as differential pressure transmitters, enable precise measurements, which are necessary for these systems to be efficient.

Advantix Systems provides innovative, efficient air treatment systems with liquid desiccant to industrial and commercial customers across the globe. For more than twenty years, Advantix Systems has helped customers raise their productivity by optimizing their climate solutions while reducing their energy consumption. One of the pioneers in harnessing liquid desiccant technology for HVAC applications, Advantix Systems is a leader in humidity and climate control technologies. Based on liquid desiccant technology, Advantix Systems' products deliver top performance while reducing the HVAC workload by more than 30% - 80%.
The advantages built into Advantix Systems:
Better performance:
 - Powerful, precise humidity & temperature control
 - Elimination of mold formation at condensation points
 - Greater comfort by eliminating overcooling of supply air
Superior economics:
 - Opex 30-40% lower than conventional outdoor air systems
 - Opex 55-65% lower than desiccant wheel systems
 - Capex comparable/less than alternative equipment
Improved air quality:
 - Eliminates 91% of airborne microorganisms
 - Removes 80% of particles larger than 5 microns including allergens
Renewable energy integration:
 - Option to use solar panels, geothermal waterand waste heat for further energy savings